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The Endo Course

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The Essentials Of Endodontics

Finally Get Confident With All Things Endo - Gain Mastery Over RCT's, Access and Locating Annoying MB2's With The Most Comprehensive Course You Will Find On Endodontics!

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Improvement In Endodontics

Welcome to "The Endo Course", lets finally destroy your fears and make you look forward to endodontics.  This course will help you gain the confidence to deliver successful, predictable and expert endodontic treatment. 


Transform from an anxious dentist who dreads RCT's to a confident & holistic healthcare professional who takes on Endo cases with the same confidence as a routine filling.


You will become a dentist with no fear of root treatments or Endo, which will not only help your own confidence in yourself but also your patients confidence in you. This will allow you to earn more from Endodontics in practice whilst not always having to rely on referring your patients out. 


Impress your dental colleagues as unlike them, you have no hesitation with pulp capping and you can be the one to actually help them with their tricky cases.


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In Surgery Practical Videos

Exclusive "fly on the wall" content with Kreena in surgery. Watch Kreena perform multiple Endo demo’s shot in 4k. 

We will continually be updating a bonus section of Endodontic surgery archives to help you learn. In this bonus section there will also be exclusive interviews of Kreena sharing the tips and tactics that helped her succeed as a specialist Endodontist.

This Is The Course I Wish Had When I Started My Career

Developing this course took months because we polled my audience and tested meticulously to make the exact course you guys asked for. Added to this I made sure to make the exact course I would have wanted either starting my career or before I specialised. 

Be A Part Of A Community

Not only are you joining a course but you are joining a Community. A support network of colleagues who genuinely want to help you. We strive to curate one of the most positive dental forums globally via our private Facebook group. All the top courses have amazing aftercare so we want to bring you the same.

So what's in store for you once you join The Endo Course??


Course Overview

Module 1: Diagnosis

  1. History taking
  2. Medical history
  3. Clinical examination
  • Extraoral
  • Intraoral
  • Special tests
  • Radiographs

4. Diagnosis

5. Consent





Module 2: Access Cavity

  1. Basic principles
  2. Preoperative assessment
  3. Pre-endodontic restorations
  4. Anaesthesia
  5. Isolation
  6. Useful tools
  7. Access
  • Anterior teeth
  • Premolar teeth
  • Molar teeth
  • Locating MB2

 8. Dentine preservation

9. Managing calcified cases

Module 3: Canal Preparation

  1. Glide path
  2. Using the apex locator
  3. Patency
  4. Instrumentation
  5. Tips for negotiating curved canals
  6. Tips for negotiating calcified canals
  7. Tips for negotiating ledges




Module 4: Irrigation & Medication

  1. Irrigants
  2. Making the most of your irrigation regime
  3. Managing hypochlorite injuries
  4. Medicaments
  5. Single Vs Multiple visit





















Module 5: Obturation

  1. Why?
  2. Getting ready to obturate
  3. Master cone
  4. Obturation techniques
  5. Single point
  6. Cold lateral condensation
  • Warm vertical condensation
  1. Carrier-based
  2. Sealers

i)Ideal properties

  1. ii) Sealer puffs

iii) Available sealers

  1. Other tips















Module 6: Endo – Resto

  1. Preparation for core placement
  • Where should the core extend?
  • How do we cut GP back?
  • How to clean the access cavity?
  1. Definitive restorations
  • How to restore endodontically treated teeth
  • Why do endodontically treated teeth fracture?
  1. Deep margin elevation
  • What is DME
  • Why use DME
  • Why is it easier to use a direct technique to elevate the margin?
  • What are the challenges of DME?
  • When should DME be carried out for teeth requiring endodontic treatment?
  • What material is used for the direct restoration?
  • What are the benefits of DME compared to crown lengthening?
  • Are there any negatives to DME?
  • Why is it important in Endodontics?
  1. Non-vital tooth whitening
  • Aetiology
  • Bleaching agents & UK regulations
  • Benefits & risks of tooth whitening
  • Inside-Outside whitening technique
  • Failure to whiten: trouble-shooting

Module 7: Outcome

  1. How successful is treatment?
  2. Factors affecting success
  3. Why root canal treatment fails?
  • Intraradicular
  • Extraradicular
  1. Endo Vs Implants



Module 8: Pulp capping

  1. Introduction
  2. Selective carious tissue removal
  3. Pulp capping materials
  4. Indirect pulp cap
  5. Direct pulp cap
  6. Immature teeth: partial and full pulpotomy
  7. Mature teeth: full pulpotomy
  8. Review

Dr Jas Gulati


"Highly engaging videos as she is showing you rather than telling and goes through every little detail with professionally edited and high 4k quality videos."


Dr George Cheetham


"Signed up to Kreenas course to increase my knowledge and confidence in endodontics as I've been focusing on other types of treatments. The course has been great so far and the information is really relevant for a broad spectrum of dentists from beginners to highly experienced. Im really looking forward to the next module and reigniting a passion in the field" 


Dr Raabiha Maan


" When she told me to review her course, I was so excited because no one has made me LOVE Endo like Kreena.

This course is for all the endo haters, endo lovers, it makes endo fun. It's engaging. It's visually beautiful.

Do you know what?

I actually didn't think I could learn  any more from her because we'd done so much together already, but there's sooo much information in there that you guys who are thinking whether to purchase this course or not... should definitely purchase it!

I'm excited to get off maternity leave and go back to do some Endo!


Dr Manrina Rhode


"Really well done with bitesize modules that are easy to digest with clear and concise information"


Dr Rupert Monkhouse


"Really nicely presented and put together as well as lots of handy tips and tricks"


Dr Jabbar 


"Was really impressed with the quality of this online course compared to other online courses. Not just a PowerPoint presentation with someone talking in the background. Has the feel of a 1 to 1 lecture. The split-screen of Kreena and images keeps you engaged and gives the feeling that Kreena is right there with you. I would definitely recommend the course"


Dr Yewande Oduwole


" As we all know Endodontic treatment is not one of the easiest procedures in dentistry especially molar Endo, navigating the canals, accessing, obturation, making sure you get to the apex - all that fun stuff, Kreena covers it all!

I love the fact that you can just revisit it at any time. So whenever you need to do root canal treatment you can just look it up!"


Dr Jabir Kazi


"Kreenas delivery and explanation are just some of the things I really liked as well as it being very easy to follow. I would recommend the course to anyone young or old or even anyone just looking to refresh their endo skills with the possibility of learning new things that you didn't learn at your university."


Dr Vinay Raniga


"Dr. Kreen Patel is an expert in endodontics and a specialist after doing 4 years training after BDS and has also taught in King's postgraduate course for endodontics. She's not only an expert in what she does but also an expert teacher. Lifetime access to the course means you can back to anything your stuck on at any time!"


The Endo Course

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Kreena Answers All Your FAQs


Your Mentor On This Course...

Dr Kreena Patel

BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), MClinDent (Endodontology), MEndo RCS(Edin)

is a Specialist in Endodontics. She graduated from the University of Manchester, with Honours. During this time she was awarded the Pitt-Ford prize by the British Endodontic Society.

 Kreena then worked in general practice and carried out further hospital training in Oral Surgery, Paedodontics and Restorative dentistry. Further to this, she worked at Kingston Hospital for two years treating patients with complex endodontic problems referred by local dentists. She also held a similar post in Paedodontics at St Helier Hospital treating anxious children, and feels committed to making nervous patients feel at ease and comfortable throughout their dental procedures.

 Kreena completed her specialist training in Endodontics at Kings College London, where she qualified with distinction. She is passionate about her work and enjoys the technical precision involved Endodontics and Endodontic Surgery.

 Kreena is also keen on improving the field of Endodontics and her research has been published in several international journals. She taught on the Specialist Endodontics Programme at Guy’s Dental Hospital (King’s College London) as a senior clinical teacher between 2016 - 2021. 

Kreena currently works at Brigstock Dental Practice (South London) & Oaktree Dental Practice (Berkshire). She continues to enjoy teaching and regularly lectures and delivers courses in Endodontics. She also writes a monthly column called 'The Endo Expert' for, and sits on the editorial board for the 'Clinical Dentistry' journal.  You can also follow her endodontic educational content on Facebook and Instagram @kreenaspecialistendodontics.

Kreena was named Young Dentist of the Year - South and overall National Young Dentist of the Year at The Dental Awards 2019.

The Essentials Of Endodontics (Online Course)


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  • Lifetime Access
  • 50% Off When You Use Code STUDENT21 Or DFT21 At Checkout
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Top features

  • Lifetime Access
  • 50% Off When You Use Code LAUNCH21 At Checkout
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